Friday, September 05, 2008

This is what Winston Brooks actually said;

in response to the question;

Why is there not an impartial full scale
accountability audit of the entire APS
already underway?

"Until such time as I determine that
there are improprieties with the District systems
or individuals, there is no reason to spend
additional tax payer money
in doing a full scale audit of the District."
I am in the process of turning over every single rock
within the District and where I see the need for
change, change will be made.
Background; when Winston Brooks sent that response to me,
I emailed him back, and asked him if he would like to discuss
my objections to his answer, before I wrote about them here.

He chose not to respond to the offer.

Therefore his response stands and I am at liberty to point
to the flaws.

1. The response is a one way street. As usual, APS says what
it wants to say and then declines any follow up questions. It
is a dishonest way to communicate. There is no reason to hide
from follow up questions, if he has nothing to hide.

2. Winston Brooks wrote;
"Until such time as I determine that there are
improprieties ... there is no reason ... (to do)
a full scale audit of the District."
Winston Brooks is implying that he has found no improprieties.

The premise is patently absurd.
He found no improprieties in the APS Finance Division?
A division which according to the Meyners Audit was
spending a billion tax dollars a year;
  1. without adequate policies and procedures, and
  2. without adequate accountability to policies and procedures, and
  3. without keeping adequate records on the spending of those tax dollars.
Those are not improprieties?

Two subordinates who should have blown the whistle on the problems in the Finance Division, but did not, have since been promoted to two senior positions in the repair/cover up of the problems in the division.

That is not an impropriety?

Every impartial audit ever done on any division of the administration of the APS has revealed serious administrative shortcomings.

Those are not improprieties?

The only division of the APS that has never been audited
is the Leadership Division.

Former APS Police Chief Gil Lovato said; if they ever are
audited, there won't be a single APS senior administrator
left standing.

And that does not point to any improprieties?

No one has ever looked at the conduct and competence of
board members, the superintendent,
the deputy superintendents, and the deputies' deputies.

There has never been an impartial audit of the leadership of the APS. And APS school board head honcho Paula Maes Modrall says; there never will be.

3. Winston Brooks wrote;
"I am in the process of turning over every single rock
within the District ..."
and he has found no improprieties?

4. Winston Brooks wrote;
"... where I see the need for
change, change will be made (trust me).
Winston Brooks has no right to ask us to trust him.
Winston Brooks has even less right to demand that
we trust him, and expect no other corroboration.

How can we trust a man who admits accountability to
no standard of conduct that requires trustworthiness?

By his own deliberate choice; he is not honestly accountable
to the student standard of conduct, and most particularly
he is not accountable to the Pillar of Trustworthiness.

By his own deliberate choice! !!

cc. Winston Brooks upon posting.

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