Friday, September 12, 2008

Marty Esquivel used to be in favor of an audit, until he was against one.

When Marty Esquivel was first elected to the board,
he spoke out about the need for an administrative accountability audit.

Then school board head honcho Paula Maes said;

there will be no audit that individually identifies corrupt
and incompetent administrators or board members,
"... like for example; Tom Savage."

And now he doesn't look up from his laptop
if anyone is talking about an audit,

or about administrative role modeling of
the student standard of conduct,

or about honest accountability to meaningful standards of
conduct and competence for the leadership of the APS.

cc Marty Esquivel upon posting.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

We both liked Marty if you look at your old blog posts.

I am disillusioned, but used to the feeling now.

The victory of ethics is never complete, the exhultation of justice is gone all too soon, and the PURPOSE of well-educated children is lost in schemes to get some of that APS billion dollar yearly gravy train.

We seek not riches, and that is why we are shunned, you see. We seek not glory for our selves but an honset education for our kids. We will not take a "taste" so we shall have NONE.