Wednesday, September 17, 2008

C. Board of Education District 7 Vacancy Update (Discussion/Action)

At the board meeting tonight, Jon Barela will move a step
closer to filling Gordy Rowe's empty seat.

This despite the appearance of a conflict of interest.

The board is filling a seat that could and should be filled
by an election only months away.

The incumbent will enjoy a significant advantage in the
real election in February.

The board needs to avoid an audit of the relationship between
the APS and the Modrall law firm. Jon Barela is hooked up
with the Modrall.

The board needs to avoid the discovery of APS' good ol' boy
organizational structure. Jon Barela is hooked up with the
good ol' boys. He helped pay for their little soiree at
the Inn of the Mountain Gods.

Gordy Rowe claims Jon Barela needs to be installed before
the board training. In fact, four board members may not
even survive the February election. (one can hope)

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