Thursday, September 11, 2008

APS spent $102K on Gil Lovato suit

According to a report in the Journal's Metro section link;

Local law firms, the Bannerman law firm and, Sheehan and
Sheehan, were paid $102K (minus un-stipulated court costs)
to defend the school board and APS Police Sgt. David West,
against claims made by Gil Lovato. Lovato has since dropped
his suit.

For some reason, the Modrall law firm was apparently not
given a seat on this little gravy train.

Although, they did manage to keep the money in the family.
APS COO Brad Winter's wife, Nann is listed as a Director
at Sheehan and Sheehan, link.

The incestuous relationships between APS senior administrators, board members, and APS vendors are a blatant and egregious violation of APS School Board Policy which prohibits creating even the appearance, of a conflict of interest.

Since you can't search the APS website for "disclosures of
apparent conflicts of interest", it is unknown to me as this
time who in the leadership of the APS' husband or wife has
a controlling interest in the Bannerman law firm.

A search of their website, link, didn't reveal any names that
I recognize. I did find it amusing that they proudly proclaim;

95% of Practice Devoted to Litigation
That after all, is where the real money is.

APS is still keeping secret, the identities of the APS senior
administrators who were responsible for letting the public
corruption and criminal conspiracy in the leadership of the
APS (police department), get so out of hand that taxpayers
had to shell out $102K to its lawyers instead of hiring
three teachers, or eight educational assistants for the year.

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