Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Letter to Asst. NMAG Shandler

September 10, 2008

Zachary Shandler
Assistant Attorney General


Enclosed please find a copy of a public records request.

Although these are different records from the case, to which you
are assigned, the refusal to accommodate my disability, is the same.

The accommodation that I request; that I be allowed to leave
a cash deposit, and then to take and return the records to their
office, works for taxpayers and it works for me.

Their refusal is completely unjustified except in retaliation for
my request for public records.

I really need some help here. Is the Attorney General going
to sit by and do nothing while APS Modrall litigates their
exception to the law?

Grateful for your time and attention

Charles MacQuigg

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Unknown said...

atever lawyers will say that the chain of custody needs to be maintained, I bet. That an APS official must be reasonably aware that the records are the same, and have not been inadvertantly lost or switched.

You might be better off HIRING someone to take pictures of the documents for you with a high-res camera and lots of bateries and memory cards. Some kid could get ten bucks an hour to do what they do so well - use electronic devices.

How about the Records Custodian meets you at Kinkos or the cheapest copying place you can find, then watches as the store employees make the copies, this way you stay out of the chain of custody, and you pay Kinkos for the copies.

If getting them to accomodate you is the issue, then meeting off of school grounds in a nuetral location with you paying the copy fees might work, just a suggestion so you can get the records you need.