Friday, September 26, 2008

Still looking for the truth, letter to Rigo Chavez

Mr. Chavez,

In response to your letter of September 22, 2008.

1. Please identify who is actually in charge of each of the three investigations involving the APS Police Department. Please identify them institutionally (what/who do they work for) and individually.

2. Which of the three investigations is still under way?

3. Has any evidence related to investigations into the corruption in the APS Police Department been forwarded to any law enforcement agency at all?

4. You asked for clarification of my request for identification of any investigations that occurred as a result of any initial investigations. I feel like you are splitting hairs in an attempt to secret public records. In any event, what I mean is that APS admits to three investigations. If any of those investigations revealed information that lead to subsequent investigations, then those are the investigations that I mean when I say "investigations that occurred as a result of any initial investigations."

Please stop ignoring my absolutely reasonable request that you email the responses to my questions instead of wasting several days with regular mail.

Charles MacQuigg

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