Saturday, September 20, 2008

If your public servant will not answer your legitimate question

they are not really your servant and
you are not really their master.

The terms of public in-servitude are the prerogative of the public and not of the public servant.

Whether or not public servants will present themselves personally to answer legitimate questions about the public interests and about their public service;

is our prerogative not theirs. "No comment" is not an acceptable
answer to a legitimate question about our interests.


Unknown said...

Some people say that America and the rules we live under were made so that rich people with lots of land, possessions and slaves could keep that same status. And the American Status Quo was born.

Those many who toiled so that the few could continue to be rich were called “citizens”. Those who worked most closely with the property owners were “caretakers”. The rest were slaves.

And the laws were not meant for the poor, the children and the women folk; only grown male people with land could vote and participate in government, to help decide where the resources made by the toil of the workers would GO.

Then American people made real sacrifices over a couple hundred years so that women and people who don’t own anything but are Americans could vote, so workers could enjoy the right to keep living and to have the government investigate law violations that they see or are victims of, to be secure in their body and property just like the rich people were.

When people in power try to control the resources in an illegal way, to steer business and profit towards themselves with no regard to others’ interests or rights, we are stuck with “Taxation with no Representation” again. APS has a Billion dollars per year coming in from the State. That is much more in power and resources than Thomas Jefferson and John Hancock ever saw.

History repeats itself in APS.

1990 - School Police Chief D. Harrel gets canned for sleeping with his communications supervisor on duty in a Cabin in the East Mountains.

2006 – School Police Chief G. Lovato gets “let go” for (among other things), sleeping with his communications supervisor on-duty at a La Quinta near the Airport.

Tyranny grows in such places where the Rule of Law is unenforced, where state statutes are treated as mere suggestions and guidelines. Tyrants rule by fear and oppression, through abuse of power. Blatant lies mixed with half-truths spoken from the lips of well-paid sociopaths in charge of kids, or in charge of resources meant for children.

These people are not in Education for the work, but for the power and influence, the brokering of back-room, ex-parte deals that allows access to the Billion dollar APS pie. Or merely jockeying for administrative pay that can reach over a hundred thousand per year if you make it all the way to superintendent.

What is wrong with this picture?

That money should be going to educating children, not making school administrators rich like third-world generals. A High School Principal who is in the mix, dealing with discipline and legal matters, they need “hazardous educational duty” pay, as do the teachers,EAs and field support staff like speech therapists and school police, who are the valiant educational troops in the field. Not fat cats who have no idea what is REALLY happening at the local school.

Give the security lady who opens the gates and watches the parking lots at Sandia High a raise. Give every EA who works with the severely disabled kids and teachers who work with the at risk children every day a BIG raise. Give the brave librarians, emapthetic counselors and the badass SCHOOL administrators a raise. Not the people who never set foot on campus.

Let the market decide where resources flow, let Freedom do what it does best, don't give it the death knell of centralized educational consoldation for profit-making purposes, for making more fat-cats who could not educate a dead mouse into their mouths.

Anonymous said...

Once again I tried to watch last weeks board meeting on TALNET. Was it just too contraversial to air?

ched macquigg said...

No broadcast on TalNet?
Not too surprising. The only defense of an indefensible position is to hide it.
Their record of "communication" with stakeholders is abysmal, maybe even criminal.