Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nothing in the Journal this morning

that would increase public awareness of the opening on the
school board, or about the process that is being used to fill
the vacancy with a board member who will be sympathetic
to the board's need to avoid an impartial audit of the entire
leadership of the APS, and specifically of the relationship
between the APS and school board head honcho Paula Maes'
law firm, the Modrall.

The only candidate who's name has been bandied about so far,
is ex-Modrall lawyer, Jon Barela.

The "ex" part not all that important as;
once a Modrall type* lawyer, always a Modrall type lawyer.

*Modrall type lawyer - a lawyer who joins forces with lawyers
who defend the right of the leadership of the APS to except
themselves from accountability to any standard of conduct
higher than the law, and from accountability even to the law,
if by using loopholes, technicalities, and legal weaselry,
that exception can be litigated, even against the public interest
and at tax payer expense.

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