Thursday, June 21, 2007

the truth on the grade change; still missing.

The Journal has given the grade change an F, according to their headline story; a story which is the most comprehensive coverage to date.

But the real truth is still elusive; an exchange of emails between a County Commissioner and APS administrators is apparently missing some emails; according to a different Journal article.

One glaring flaw in the NM PED investigation is that it (deliberately?) did not include interviewing Beth Everitt.

According to the report (link to the Trib) from the NMPED, the following APS employees were interviewed:

• Nelinda Venegas, Associate Superintendent
• Roberta Aragon, Rio Grande High School Secretary
• Al Sanchez, Rio Grande High School Principal
• Ben Santistevan, Rio Grande High School Assistant Principal
• Anita Forte, 12th Grade English Teacher
• Elsy Fierro, Rio Grande Cluster Leader/Director

Conspicuous in her absence is Beth Everitt. Although she is clearly one of the players; she never had to answer a question "on the record"; she never answered a question under penalty of perjury;

...for a reason.

Elizabeth Everitt was not asked any questions at all about the scandal. Her actions, appropriate or no, were not examined. Readers may remember that this eventualilty was predicted before the investigation began. and here. and here, and here and here and here.

It is the conclusion of the investigative team that, based on the above, the matter should be referred to the Educator Ethics Bureau of the Public Education Department for appropriate licensure action.

To what end? certainly not the exposure of the truth.

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Anonymous said...

Remember in the very beginning, when Beth said the parents had not contacted her, well, what does she consider an email?