Monday, June 11, 2007

Will Monica Armenta walk her talk?

According to an APS news release; Ms Armenta said;

"I see my new position as a chance to build on the strengths of the APS Communications Office and to work on improving any weaknesses."

The number one weakness of the APS Communications Department is that they don't tell the truth.

"She added that her first priority will be to develop a new strategic communications plan for the district."
Her first priority should be to begin to repair the District's image; by telling the truth. She should get her whole team together and have and town meeting and start telling the truth.

If she does anything else instead;
then her first and only real priority is
to cover the asses of the leadership of the APS;
and give them a real good shine.

And $105K; or three teacher salaries, are being totally wasted; by corrupt and incompetent leadership in the APS.

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