Thursday, June 21, 2007

NMPED investigation; corrupt, incompetent, or both?

The results of the probe are furnished us courtesy of the Trib.

In the report, are listed, the individuals interviewed by the probers.

copied here, verbatim.

Nelinda Venegas, Associate Superintendent
Roberta Aragon, Rio Grande High School Secretary
Al Sanchez, Rio Grande High School Principal
Ben Santistevan, Rio Grande High School Assistant Principal
Anita Forte, 12th Grade English Teacher
Elsy Fierro, Rio Grande Cluster Leader/Director
Worth noting; those who were not interviewed.

Apparently neither parent was interviewed, no other teachers were interviewed, and Beth Everitt was not interviewed.

You have to wonder why?

Are the public servants who investigated this debacle so incompetent that it didn't occur to them to interview the three most important players?

Or are they so corrupt that they chose not to interview the three most important, and politically powerful players?

The investigators were:
Dr. Mary Rose Cde Baca, Assistant Secretary for Educator Quality
Mr. Paul Calderon, Director of the Ethics Bureau
Ms. Sheridan Bamman, Inspector General
Director Paul Calderon. I know him. I asked him once before to investigate an ethics complaint against Beth Everitt.

My personal opinion of him is that he is either corrupt;

or so incompetent as an investigator as to be
unable to find his own asshole,
with both hands and a flashlight.

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