Sunday, June 03, 2007

Board Meeting, next Wednesday

On the agenda you will find;

IV. Matters of Information
A. Superintendent's Report
B. Board Member Comments
C. President's Report

It is unfortunate that during the Superintendent's Report you will not hear Elizabeth Everitt report upon;
  • the squandering of the public trust and treasure in the renovation of the Uptown Administrative Complex.
  • nor, will she report on the whole truth in the scandal in the administration of her APS Police Department.
  • nor, will she report upon the fact that neither she, nor any subortinate administrator is accountable to the student standard of conduct; that she has renounced her responsibilities and obligations as the senior administrative role model for students.
  • nor, will she report on why she is claiming an exemption to the IPRA, that is ethically indefensible; and offered only to evade accountability to the law, for public corruption and criminal conspiracy.
More unfortunate; during the Board Members Comments; you will not hear specific objection offered to any part or point in that situation; a situation blatantly contrary to the public interest.

Most unfortunate; during the President's Report, you will not hear
  • Paula Maes report on her financial interest in the Modral law firm; and their mutual financial success ligitating exception to the law for board members and senior administrators in the APS; in underwriting immunity for corruption and incompetence in the leadership of the APS.
  • nor will she report upon the apparent contradiction between her Presidency of the Character Counts Leadership Council, her obligation as the senior rolemodel for 89,000 of the communities sons and daughters; and her personal refusal to be held accountable to The Pillars of Character Counts; the student standard of conduct.

When I was in conversation with a student; trying to encourage them to take a different path in their life; I used to remind them that, today is the first day of the rest of your life. One can always choose a different path.

In a similar sense, the board meeting Wednesday night is the first board meeting in the rest of the life of the APS.

During the rest of that life, administrators will or will not be held accountable to a meaningful standard of conduct. There will or will not be transparency.

There are few things in life that are really either/or.

Accountability, especially in this case, is one.

Either, administrators in the APS will be accountable to a meaningful standard of conduct; by a system overwhich they have no control; and even against their will;

Or, there will be a continuation of the covert, unethical, and often illegal evasion of accountability, even to the law.

Either, Beth Everitt will be ordered by the board, to begin an immediate cleansing audit of the leadership of the APS; including the board itself;

Or, she will not.

Either the public trust and treasure will be protected by the administration of the APS;

Or, it will not.

Either the Journal and Trib will investigate and report upon the truth about the ethics and accountability scandal in the leadership of the APS;

Or, they will not.

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