Friday, June 22, 2007

the Journal chose not to respond

to my email to them. I had pointed out that they had misreported a substantial fact in their story on the NM PED's report on grade gate.

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FYI This is in the Trib today. I especially enjoyed the 4th bullet

Smart Box
Outside review

In its recent review of the Albuquerque Public Schools police, the Council of Great City schools recommended contracting with the Albuquerque Police Department or the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department for law enforcement and changing the district police department into a safety and security arm. On June 21, more details of the council's findings were made public, including:

• APS police uniformly expressed the desire that the department be transferred to another police agency.

• Because of low salaries compared with other police agencies, APS is viewed as an employer of last resort.

• The force chronically lacks young officers who can relate to students.

• Low salaries, inadequate equipment and poor relations with the human resources department have created mistrust of the district administration and low morale.

• In an emergency, officers must go through a cumbersome chain of command before they can retrieve firearms locked in trunks.

• There is a lack of standard codes for notifying staff and students in emergency situations.

• No policy about school key distribution leads to an estimated 3,000 alarm calls per weekend.

• APS police have used questionable methods to try to improve staff compensations, such as promoting an excessive number of sergeants, giving unearned comp time, providing a higher than normal clothing allowance and paying inappropriate shift differentials.

Source: Council of the Great City Schools