Sunday, June 24, 2007

Rio Grande Grade Change needs closer look

Although the story had been scooped by a blog.

The Journal editorial was breaking news in the printed media.

The editors said it straight out, and on the record.

Córdova went over her head, in fact, to plead her son's case directly to Everitt, Venegas and school board member Dolores Griego.
Adding to the perception of partiality, Venegas, Peck and three board members made campaign contributions to Córdova.

I hope that the news side of the Journal will be able to get APS School Board Member Delores Griego
to answer candidly, forthrightly, and on the record;
questions about her participation, as a public servant,
in the changing of the student's grade.

Perhaps before the board investigates the administration; board members will disclose, candidly and forthrightly, the facts of their knowledge of, and participation in, the grade change; within their capacities as public servants.

The need is rather immediate.

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Anonymous said...

This would have been swept under the rug by the Administration, the Board, and the Media as usual except for one thing. Marty Esquivel, a newly elected board member, had the courage to do the right thing. I hope someone will elbow Berna at the next board meeting and wake her up! Gorden Rowe looks like he is coming around. Mary Lee and Robert Lucero need to stop being cheerleaders, trying to put a positive spin on everything. That's Monica's job anyway. They don't help matters saying they can't go along with an audit, it won't happen again. Delores needs to resign, and Paula, she needs to head out to the hall of shame where a few well chosen educators can get in her face.

It is totally insulting to the general public to pretend we are that stupid. We are very busy, putting food on our families, but we are not stupid and this is not going to go away as long as Marty Esquivel will continue to fight for the positive change that is long overdue in APS.