Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dear Mr. Attorney General

I must once again ask for your personal assistance in the situation of APS' failure to comply with the NMIPRA.

As you know, the leadership of the APS is the subject of a NMIPRA complaint filed with your office.

The leadership of the APS as offered as their excuse for refusing to comply with the requirements of the NMIPRA; feigned abject ignorance of the law.

That ignorance will be cleared, on the day that the NMAGO provides NMIPRA training for the leadership of the APS.

Apparently a training scheduled for the 13th of this month was cancelled. APS says it was cancelled by your office. APS now intends to put off the training until the fall. They have also implied that the delay is being caused by your office.

I am requesting that you act personally to ensure that your office will train the leadership of the APS at the earliest opportunity; and deny the leadership of the APS the opportunity to continue to evade accountability to the law by blaming your office for failing to offer timely training opportunities.

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