Thursday, June 28, 2007

Elsy Fiero will take the heat for gradegate

because she is the least politically powerful principle and because she doesn't have any juice with the governor;

who tells the Secretary of the NM PED what to do;

who tells the Director of the Educator Ethics Bureau
what to do.

If she did have some juice; if her husband let's say, was tight with the governor; then she too, could have avoided having to participate in the NM PED gradegate "investigation". She too, could have avoiding having to answer even a single question on the record.

And if she have some juice; her investigation by the NM PED EEB would be cleared and her innocence established without any investigation at all. Again without the asking or answering of a single question on the record.

But alas, Elsy Fiero is not Beth Everitt;

and Elsy Fiero did have to answer questions;
and Elsy Fiero will have to answer questions
on the record.

Poor, poor Elsy Fiero.

1 comment:

EbNflo said...

And, um, she didn't "retire"...
You forgot one but I know that wasn't really your point.
I'm just sayin'...