Tuesday, June 05, 2007

It is time to call the question

"If debate has dragged on longer than you feel is really warranted, you can “call the question,” at which time the chair has to immediately ask those assembled to vote to determine whether or not debate should be cut off or continue. The motion to call the question is itself not debatable. If two-thirds of those voting agree that the discussion should have died some time ago, they will support the call. Then, and only then, will the vote be taken on the question itself." unk
And the question is;

Shall there be an immediate impartial (forensic) accountability audit of the leadership of the APS?

Yea?, ...or nay?

There has been no debate on the issue of an audit.
The position in opposition to an audit, is indefensible;
those who oppose the audit have not argued their position. Instead they have stonewalled the question.

Never the less, it is fair to call the question.

If Marty Esquivel moved;

That the board of education order Beth Everitt,
as a condition of her continued employment,
to commission an immediate impartial audit
of her administration of the APS.

and Gordon Rowe seconded the motion.

Then every member of the board would be compelled to make a public statement about their position on the real question;

will the leadership of the APS be held accountable to a meaningful standard of conduct, by a system over which they have no control; and even against their will?

or not?


EbNflo said...

I think it is perfectly reasonable to call the question. Once put to a vote, the stand of each member will be clear and Dr. Everitt will be required to perform the audit if passed.
I hope this does happen as it will open the door to better communication, knowing exactly what needs to be fixed/dealt with, and can restore the public's faith in Albuquerque Public School systems and in Dr. Everitt and her administration. I believe this would be a positive opportunity to heal the entire community... and this is exactly what the community (APS, BOE, parents, businesses, political leaders, etc...) needs: healing. We need to move on from the past (or even present) perceptions/realities of a system that has been much beleaguered and bogged-down in outdated processes, unclear policies, accountability issues (that didn't start with this administration, I might add), and community apathy.
I believe Dr. Everitt does have what it takes to navigate a change and I do believe she truly, in her heart of hearts, wants the best for our kids and our community. She's taken on this responsibility and has found, I'm sure, that the mess of entanglements and accountability, whether hers or from the past, is a daunting prospect. It doesn't change overnight but she is listening... gathering info... working to put out the many fires... and trying to work within the law. It is my hope that she and her admin will open to an audit, get it out of the way, identify the issues, put stronger policies in place, fix the issues, and set us all on the path to "wellness."
I'm so glad to see Martin Esquivel stand for the question and I hope Gordon Rowe supports him in seconding the motion. I further hope that the rest of the board understands the importance of getting an audit accomplished to therefore be able to do the aforementioned tasks to restore everyone's faith that they, too, are doing what is best for our education system. We could be a world-class school district if we would only improve the communication, transparencies, accountabilities, and parent/community involvement.
I've read so many school district websites/policies/and community/media information that I know that ALL school districts, across the US, are in trouble. APS is not alone in having issues... not by a long-shot. However, we have people working for APS who are wonderful, caring educators and administrators who have the know-how and where-with-all to create a better program/system/district. I don't want APS to be like every other school district across the nation. I want us to rise (like a Phoenix...from the ashes: Sorry, this poetic metaphorical paragon seem so appropriate :) )to become a model for other educators, administrators, and school districts/systems. Is that too much to ask? I don't think so but it will... as they say... "Take a Village."
The finger pointing won't ever stop but it can be slowed to a minimum by creating open-door policies/processes. As a community, we do need to come together and support the leadership we have and know. The unknown scares me more than the known. I believe we have a workable situation and if we could just come together as a community, we could all move on to something incredible.

An audit isn't a magic bullet but it certainly has possibilities to open the door to change... positive change.

I absolutely support a call to question, a "Yay" vote, and a timely audit that can provide methodical steps toward positive change.

I will also be at that board meeting and support Mr. Esquivel and Mr. Rowe as well as Dr. Everitt and all of the other board members. I will support steps toward positive change...

Thanks for the venue, Ched.

ched macquigg said...

and thank you for your kind attention

Anonymous said...

This could work and we all need to be there to support Mr Esquivel and Mr Rowe. What time does the public forum start? 4:30 or 5:00?

ched macquigg said...

public forum probably starts around 4:45. 4:30 would be a safer bet.

Thank you for your interest.