Friday, June 22, 2007

Teresa Cordova's "no comment" on gradegate

as seen on KRQE.

If Teresa Cordova sent emails to Beth Everitt on company time; she abused her office.

If she was on company time at this "celebration of Isleta Blvd" she had the responsibility to stand and deliver answers to questions about her public service.

No comment is not an acceptable response from a public servant in response to a question about their public service.

The terms of public service are the prerogative of the public; not of the public servant.

"No comment" is not one of the terms of public service.


Anonymous said...
FYI Check out this site, took the following from it. I thought one of the excuses they were giving was their divorce this year as well as the suicide of a close friend. Check the date of the divorce that follows.

Reportedly, Mr. Acosta said, and I am paraphrasing, any person could utilize the tools available to fight the system… and win! That is a great life lesson, and frankly, one that I admire. In fact, a quick trip to (a fantastic source for public records) revealed the fact that Mr. Acosta and Ms. Cordova divorced on September 28, 2005 (NM District Court Case #D-202-DM-2005-04024). In fact, according to the aforementioned website, their Petition for Dissolution for Marriage was both filed and disposed (finalized) on that same day.
That, my friends, is also utilizing the system.

Anonymous said...

She certainly had a comment at one time:

(Sorry, I can't remember how to make it an actual link within the html in the comments. Just copy and paste or if you can't get it, let me know and I'll email it.)

She's the top of the ladder for that ol' trickle down theory. She started it; she asked for it, oh, no... wait, she didn't ask for it. She just "was able to make the argument better. That's why I want change"

Uh huh.

Anonymous said...

Are you still glad you opened that pandora's box, Ms Cordova?