Tuesday, June 12, 2007

How many APS Communication Directors does it take to screw in a light bulb?

There is the equivalent of about a dozen new teachers salaries tied up staffing the APS Communications Department.

To what end? Not one of them will sit down and answer legitimate questions on the record.

In fact, there is no person in the entire leadership of the APS who will simply answer questions by telling the truth.

1. Why is the whole truth about the spending in the renovation of the uptown administrative complex still secret?
2. Why is the whole truth about the public corruption and criminal conspiracy in APS Police Department administration still secret?
3. Why is the whole truth about the gradegate scandal still secret?
4. Why are the results of previous audits of the leadership of the APS kept secret?
5. Why is the leadership of the APS disobeying the requirements of the NMIPRA? Are they spending tax dollars against the public interest by hiring the Modral law firm to defeat the NMIPRA in court?
6. Why are the senior role models in the APS, not accountable to the student standard of conduct as role models?
7. Who is responsible for broadcasting dishonestly edited versions of board meetings, to the community on as many as a dozen occasions?
8. Why is the public no longer allowed to petition their government on the record, at a public forum?
9. Why did the board abolish Citizen Advisory Groups and provide no alternative?
10. Why is the administration of the public power and resources in the APS, not transparent?
11. Why will the leadership of the APS not surrender the record of their relationship with the Modral law firm?
12. Why are students district wide routinely allowed to ignore schools rules; why is prohibited behavior permitted by the administration whose responsibility it is to enforce discipline policies?
13. Why won't the District fix its website and make it a useful research tool?
14. Why won't anyone in the District simply sit and answer stake holder's questions until they are all asked and answered?

It would only take one communication director to answer these questions and others.

Clearly it takes many more than one to

not answer questions.

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