Monday, June 18, 2007

APS Police Department likened to a hot potato

A Journal editorial likened the job of protecting students and schools, to a hot potato; the object being, don't get stuck holding it.

The editorial posited that the Albuquerque Police Department "can't" take over the APSPD because they are already stretched too thin. And that the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office doesn't "want" to take over the responsibility.

And that is where the analogy to the game of hot potato breaks down; the very first time that the leadership of the APS can get their hands on it; they will hang on for dear life.

Despite the fact that the Council of Great City Schools cited a lack of leadership, in the leadership of the APS, necessary to create, maintain, and oversee a professional, fully authorized police department.

Eventually, the leadership of the APS should field its own police force; for a number of sound and pragmatic reasons.

But first, there should be transparent accountability to a meaningful standard of conduct, built into the very foundation of the new police force.

It is not OK for Paula Maes' good friend Monica Armenta, to be hired to cover up the precipitating scandal in the administration of the APSPD; and by logical extension, the scandal in the entire leadership of the APS.

It is not OK for her to be trotted out to proclaim that "we have learned from mistakes", "we intend to build on our successes", and "we will continue to look forward", or anyone of the other Rigo-isms that are passed instead of telling the truth.

The leadership of the APS cannot be allowed to simply "start over" on the subject of their integrity, and their honesty, and their character.

In Particular, not while they are blatantly hiding evidence of their corruption and incompetence; not while they are hiding public records; and not while they are ignoring the law.

If George Washington had not begun by admitting that he had chopped down the cherry tree; the next words out of his mouth would have been just "talk".

George Washington first had to admit
that he had chopped down the cherry tree.

...speaking of role models.

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