Friday, June 15, 2007

Darren White's retraction is in order

In a Journal article this morning, White is quoted as saying the following on the subject of the APS police department's record.

"APS does a fantastic job. Don't throw out this entire agency just because you had a rough time with one of your administrators."

The statement is either naive or deliberately misleading. In either case, it needs retraction.

The record of the APS police department is not "fantastic"; not by any ethical measure. The word fantastic cannot be used in an honest description of the record of misuse and abuse of the APS praetorian guard, by the leadership of the APS.

For Darren White to "testify", on his honor, that the corruption and incompetence is limited to one man, is also either naive, or deliberately misleading and dishonest.

In an organization with real and transparent accountability to meaningful standards of conduct and competence; there is no corruption and there is no incompetence. It is possible to make it impossibly difficult to hide corruption and incompetence.

APS is not an organization with real transparent accountability; it is quite the opposite.

In an organization that tolerates incompetence and corruption; everyone is significantly corrupt and incompetent. There is at the very least, guilty knowledge of corruption and incompetence in the leadership of the APS.

If the corruption and incompetence were limited to one man; they would not be hiding the public record of investigations of the entire APSPD; and by logical extension, the entire leadership of the APS.

Darren White is the subject of a complaint filed with the Office of the New Mexico Attorney General; Gary King.

Darren White will not surrender the public record of criminal misuse of government computers by the leadership of the APS.

And now he is in the Journal "testifying"; on his honor, attaching not only his own reputation, but the reputation of the Bernalillo County Sherirff's Office, to the promise that everything else in the leadership of the APS, except Gil Lovato, is squeaky clean.

Nothing to hide except the public record.
His public record.
And the public record of the Leadership of the APS.

"APS does a fantastic job." ? ??

Take it back, Darren White.

I can see why the leadership of the APS was keen on his participation in the review of their own "alleged" misconduct and incompetence, in the administration of the public interests in the APS.

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