Saturday, June 23, 2007

MacArthur Principal to retire

According to the Journal (in an older article, I can't link to the newest on page D1 of this morning's paper);

Principal Andy Barrett was reassigned during the district's administrative Chinese fire drill.

Apparently he will retire rather than take on an assignment where he doesn't think he can excell.

He has Multiple Sclerosis and cannot physically move around the larger campus of his new assignment.

I have listened to a number of parents who have spoken about Andy Barrett at a few public forums. My impression is that Andy Barrett may be one of the most highly respected and beloved school principals in the District. Maybe in the history of the district.

And the decision to reassign him will not be reconsidered with the input of stakeholders for only one reason;

the decision is indefensible. So it will be stonewalled.

They don't want to reconsider the screwing of Andy Barrett because, then they would have to reconsider a number of stakeholder screwings.

And then they would have to reconsider the senior administrative corruption and incompetence that enables the screwings.


Anonymous said...

This is just... sad. And regretable. I wish Andy a long and wonderful life.

Anonymous said...

You know the old adage, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. APS loves to fix things so much no wonder it is so broken.

Maybe it is time for a class action suit against APS.