Monday, June 18, 2007

understatement of the year

According to Susie Gran's article in the Trib; based on data compiled by APS' Risk Management Director Jim Dorn,

most personnel disputes with the district did not produce large settlements for the employees.
Most "disgruntled former employees" get nothing but the shaft.

The exceptions would be disputes with senior administrators. Michael Vigil left with $162,000. Brad Allison left with $350,000. Three former cabinet members left with $650,000 minus Modral's cut. A former director left with $200,000.

Gil Lovato will leave with a bootfull of cash as well.

When United Educators raised APS' insurance premiums; they argued that the increase was justified by APS' above average claims for litigation expenses;

litigation expenses "earned" for the most part by the Modral law firm; whose president is married to school board president Paula Maes.

They made a bunch of money; over $350,000 in just the 13 cases cited in Gran's article alone.

The total amount is so exorbitant; so indefensible, and so unjustifiable that it is;

"...confidential due to personnel protections."

the runner up, for understatement of the year.

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