Friday, June 08, 2007

request for public records

To: Custodian of Public Records, Albuquerque Public Schools

From: Charles MacQuigg,

This constitutes a request for all documents, papers, letters, books, maps, tapes, photographs, recordings and other materials, regardless of physical form or characteristics, that are used, created, received, maintained or held by or on behalf of any APS and relate to public business, whether or not the records are required by law to be created or maintained and excluding any records whose request is prohibited by any agreement between myself and APS.

I request the opportunity to inspect and or copy the final reports on the investigations conducted by Robert Caswell Investigations on behalf of the APS.

You are reminded that these are public records and enjoy no exception because they may contain letters or memorandums of opinion; which you are charged by law with separating and redacting.

You are reminded that there is no exception to the law for records which you describe as "confidential for personnel protections".


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