Friday, June 22, 2007

it would cost APS somewhere between $.37 and $4.00

to simply hand me a copy of the report of the investigation of the APS police department by the Council of Great City Schools.

Instead, I am expected to make an appointment with Rigo Chavez so he can sit and watch me read it. And if I want a copy; I will be expected to pay somewhere around $20.00 for it. Rigo's time costs taxpayers something. I don't know what his salary is; but I would guess the former captain of Team Spin, makes three quarters of the salary of the new team captain; Monica Armenta. So, about $37.50 an hour. It will cost taxpayers about $40.00 to have a senior APS administrator watch me read and understand the 37 page document.

The public entrusts a great deal of their power and treasure to the stewardship of the leadership of the APS.

I submit that it is a betrayal of that trust;
to spend public funds to make it hard for the public
to inspect and/or copy, public records.

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