Monday, May 21, 2007

APS Superintendent Takes Action to Assure Integrity of Grading

The entire news release is posted on the APS homepage.

In the news release, Beth Everitt writes,

"I have called Dr. Veronica Garcia, secretary of the New Mexico Public Education Department, to request that she conduct an independent review of the processes surrounding the recent situation at Rio Grande High School. I am requesting this to assure the public that the integrity of the education that students receive remains intact."
The only problem with this plan is that NMPED Secretary Veronica Garcia has already issued an opinion in support of Everitt. Having made up her mind, how can she now do an independent review?

Just so you know, when the NM Educator's Ethics Bureau blew off an investigation of a complaint against Everitt, Garcia refused to acknowledge the complaint about the Ethics Bureau's shoddy work. here, here, and here.

This is only a problem because the supposed review will distract focus from the fact that Everitt is refusing to surrender the public records of the Lovato investigation; a much more important issue.

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