Tuesday, May 22, 2007

does the NMPED inspire your confidence?

It shouldn't.

What would make you think the the NMPED is substantially different than any other government bureaucracy in NM? any less corrupt? any less incompetent?

NMPED Secretary Veronica Garcia, has announced that she will conduct an investigation of grade gate. This despite the fact that she already announced on TV, that in her opinion, everything was done above board.

I have personal experience, as a complainant, with the NM Educator's Ethics Bureau, and with Veronica Garcia. The public record will substantiate my allegation that they handled an investigation of ethical misconduct against Beth Everitt, inappropriately.

You be the judge;

It was my argument that Beth Everitt had behaved unethically when she excepted herself from accountability to the student standard of ethical conduct.

Granted the question is a tad philosophical;
it is never the less, a simple question.

The Educator Ethics bureau investigated it for many, many months and concluded that Beth Everitt had done nothing unethical in abdicating her responsibility as the senior administrative role model for 89,000 students. When asked for the public records of their investigation, they were unable to even one record that indicated that they had asked even a single question of Beth Everitt, or anyone else in the leadership of the APS.

Garcia was asked to intervene, and ignored the request. She has already covered up for Beth Everitt once; why would you not expect her to do it again?

Garcia is prepared to guide the investigation into Everitt's conduct during gradegate. She say's it could take her a month. Why? How long does it take to get the truth out of six people? A real investigation should take closer to 30 minutes, than thirty days. So why will it take thirty days? ...three days to let it die down in the news; and twenty seven days of added insurance.

And the outcome?

Let's give the magic eight ball a little shake.

You guessed it; ..."innocent on all counts."


Anonymous said...

Re no confidence vote on Everett. Rio teachers to be at board meeting.

ched macquigg said...

thanks for the link.

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