Thursday, June 14, 2007

Everitt pushes back the deadline for APSPD; and seeks to hide the whole truth from stakeholders

For as long as there has been discussion of reforming the APS Police Department; Beth Everitt has committed to having the problem resolved by the beginning of school.

Apparently, without note or explanation, the deadline has been pushed back to "the end of the fall". If that phrase means, to end of the fall semester, that would be December.

Still another problem has cropped up; apparently Beth Everitt intends not to release the findings of the review team.

She intends to release only the executive summary, which includes none of the findings of the review team; and none of the information necessary to determine who was responsible for the debacle in the APS Police Department.

A public records request has been filed for the "Report to the Superintendent" which has all the information that she is trying to hide.

...for whatever good that will do.

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