Thursday, June 14, 2007

Arbitration will be conducted in secret.

The gradegate grievance is going to arbitration.

The leadership of the APS is a stakeholder in that arbitration; the teacher is a stakeholder; and everyone else whose interests are affected by the outcome of the arbitration, is a stakeholder.

Beth Everitt has reasons to arbitrate off the public record (is that even legal?).

Perhaps the teachers union has reasons to arbitrate in secret as well.

Are any of their reasons overriding?

Are they so important that they trump the rights of stakeholders to participate meaningfully in decisions that affect them; even if that meaningful participation amounts to sitting, and watching, and listening?

I for one, doubt it.

I have attempted to verify my allegation and have been told by a source which I believe is reliable; that there is no compelling statute or regulation that requires grievance hearings to be conducted in secret. It is apparently by mutual agreement between the leadership of the APS and the union, that legitimate stakeholders are prohibited from meaningful participation in that process.

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