Thursday, June 07, 2007

Elsy Fierro was removed from RGHS oversight

The RGHS principal will report directly to Tom Savage.

Everitt admitted that she assigned Fierro to oversight tasks for which she had no experience or demonstrated competence.

Tom Savage has the time to oversee RGHS; as he has been removed from oversight over the APSPD after the scandal there.

Because Everitt assigned him oversight tasks there for which he had no experience or demonstrated competence.

I have no idea how many "senior" Administrators there are; but it would appear that about a third of them are assigned to duties beyond their level of competence and experience.

Senior APS administrators are holding jobs for which they are ill equipt, as the result of at least three pressures;

  1. the Peter Principle;
  2. the abject lack of any checks and balances of administrative accountability,
  3. such as the APS administrative evaluation process, which the Council of Great City Schools described as "subjective and unrelated to promotion or step placement".
If you believe in the existence of public corruption;
then there are at least four reasons why
senior APS administrators have jobs beyond their level
of competence and experience.

Can anyone say administrative accountability audit?


Call the freeking question! !!

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Anonymous said...

Well said, and yes there are more cluster level principals with no experience at levels they are supervising, be it elementary, middle, or high school.