Sunday, June 03, 2007

there is a lot of upset about the red light cameras

And what does that have to do the fact that there are
a lot of people upset with the leadership of the APS?

The commonality is that in both situations,
stakeholders have no real influence over the people
that are upsetting them.

Which, I think, is opposite what should be the situation.

It required power and resources to install the red light cameras.

It required the same power and resources to fix up the APS uptown administrative complex (at the expense of more worthy projects).

The power and the resources belong fundamentally
to the people. Both were entrusted to people
who usurped control over them;
and betrayed the public trust.

There will never be an election where the choice is;

people have control over their power and resources
through transparent accountability;


trusting public servants who are not accountable
to any meaningful standards of conduct and competence in their public service.

There is only one way to regain control of lost power, and that is to take it back.

Fortunately we are perhaps decades away from a time that, that meant armed revolution.

You will be asked, however, to get off your ass and go to a board meeting, or a city council meeting. And keep to going there until there are enough of you, to insist upon the opportunity to participate meaningfully in a decision that affects you.

It's not that they can't allow the people to wield their own power and resources by participating meaningfully in decisions that affect them.

...they simply chose not to.

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