Thursday, June 07, 2007

In the weeks just before the scandal broke;

members of a publicly funded, private police force prevented a bonafide candidate for the school board, from exercising his legal and ethical right to speak on the record at a school board meeting.

Four times.

I wonder if mention will be made of that in the "impartial" review of the APSPD, by the Council of Great City Schools? and the three of the other three priniciples; each of which is implicated in the allegations of misconduct that they are supposed to be investigating.

The police force, administered in every respect as a Praetorian Guard, is accredited by no one; certified by no one; and reports directly to the leadership of the APS.

Rigo Chavez; APS custodian of public records; if you ask him; will produce videotape from multiple cameras of all four incidents.

...or not.


Anonymous said...

Monica Armenta, a former KOB-TV news anchor, took over Wednesday as executive director of communications— a new position for the district. The job pays around $105,000 a year.
She heads a team of three other communication officials, including Rigo Chavez, a longtime spokesman for the district.
So..... does this mean that Ms Armenta will hold up all the records? I hope she convinces the powers that be to open up the public forum to those who view the board meetings on TalNet again. I personally think it is outragous that they stopped doing that. Also, she heads up a communication team? How many people do they need to lie to the stakeholders?

Anonymous said...

another talking head to put a better public face to a district which needs someone to spin the truth away from the reality of what
is really going on. Ms Armenta will do it for 2-3 years then move on.