Wednesday, June 06, 2007

gradegate policy change

I assume that the proposed change in the Student Behavior Handbook was approved by the board tonight.

Which means; as a matter of board policy (because the handbook is part of board policy;

Written at a readability far above the reading ability of an overwhelming majority of students and their parents;

the policy is;

While APS will strive to meet notification requirements,it shall not be the sole grounds to change a student’s grade; although this is not intended to prevent a(n) ...administrator from using his/her best judgment with respect to any particular situation.

Best judgement is simply best judgement. Best judgement does not require explanation or defense.

Despite the fact that the board's intention (supposedly) was to tighten policy; they really have not tightened it at all.

If it is the best judgement of an administrator to change a grade for the wrong reasons; under the new policy it does not violate board policy as long as the administrator uses their "best judgement".

They don't call it the weasel clause for nothing.

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