Thursday, June 07, 2007

At the cost equivalent of more than three teachers

The leadership of the APS has hired yet another senior administrator to oversee the other senior administrator and two or three underlings in the APS communications department.

I feel better informed already.

from the aps website:

The Albuquerque Public Schools have announced the appointment of Monica Armenta as executive director of communications for the school district.
Armenta, who joined the district as executive director of the APS Education Foundation in 2005, will lead communication efforts for the district beginning this week, Supt. Elizabeth Everitt announced today.
“Monica has done a wonderful job for the school district in leading the foundation and we are asking her to draw on her 20-plus years of experience in the news business to help us focus on communications in the district,” Everitt said.
Armenta, who was a news anchor for KOB-TV prior to joining the school district, will be responsible for both internal and external communications for the Albuquerque Public Schools.
“I see my new position as a chance to build on the strengths of the APS Communications Office and to work on improving any weaknesses,” Armenta said.
She added that her first priority will be to develop a new strategic communications plan for the district.
“We need to communicate effectively first with our employees and then get the message out to the Albuquerque community—parents, business leaders, and the general public,” Armenta said.
She added that she enjoyed her work with the APS Education Foundation and its board. “I think we were successful in raising the image of the foundation, while at the same time embarking on some new projects and bringing in new money to support the students of the Albuquerque Public Schools,” Armenta added.

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