Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Monica Armenta has pocketed a cool $4,000 plus benefits

for her efforts as APS' Executive Director of Communications for the past two weeks.

She has not been doing much communicating however.

The truth about the gradegate has yet to be communicated;

and the truth about the corruption in the APS police department,

and the truth about the principal shuffle and the absolute disenfranchisement of stakeholders it manifest,

and the truth about the relationship between APS and the Modral law firm; and the efforts to except senior administrators from accountability to the law,

and the truth about Everitt's refusal to surrender public records; in apparent violation of the law,

and, we still don't know how much money was spent renovating the administrative complex at Uptown.

Since Armenta and Maes and Everitt are all so tight, I expect some renovation money has been found to spruce up Monica's new office as well.

Perhaps she has just been preoccupied with picking her window treatments for the last two weeks; and is just too busy to take a minute to communicate the truth about anything at all.

Update; I found out today (6/20) that Monica Armenta was in the hospital for a week. I now regret the tone of this article and offer my apology for the tone. I will stand by the allegation that questions have not been answered; and likely will not be answered.

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