Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Journal editors confuse APS' open meetings with accountability

Re: this morning's Journal editorial; subscription required.

The policy committee of the APS school board has unanimously recommended that audit committee and executive committee meetings be opened to other board members and the public.

While this is an important step; and long overdue; it is little more than the public recognition of an important principle. The overall effect on transparency and accountability in the APS is immeasurably small; there is no real difference.

If the leadership of the APS was truly transparent; and if the leadership of the APS was really willing to be held accountable for their conduct and competence as public servants;

an honest accounting of the spending in the renovation of the Uptown Administrative Complex would be made public.

It will not. Neither will the public record of gradegate, the principal shuffle, or the scandal in the APS Police Department.

The leadership of the APS can cite no real evidence that they are either transparent or accountable in the administration of the public trust and treasure in the APS.

There is a world of difference between a few open meetings, and open records.

For as long as the leadership of the APS is denying access to public records; no claim can be made of real transparency or accountability.

Neither the Journal nor the Trib has reported that public records are being hidden from public knowledge despite numerous legitimate requests for those public records.

The editors of the Journal have either been duped themselves; or they are complicit in the duping of the community about transparent accountability in the APS.

Neither of which inspires any real confidence in the Journal.

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