Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Ex-Cop Describes the "Blue Wall"

In a Journal report under that title, link, we read;

As a sworn Albuquerque Police Department officer for two decades, Sam Costales said he saw dozens of instances of police misconduct but never saw anyone reported for it, nor did he see any officer written up for failing to report the misdeeds, despite official policy requiring it.
"So long as you stayed behind the 'blue wall of silence,' nothing happened to you?" his attorney Randi McGinn asked Costales on Friday during testimony in Costales' civil lawsuit against APD and its once and future police chief Ray Schultz.
"Yes," he said.
In sworn testimony, APD Police Chief Ray Schultz denied the existence of a "blue wall of silence", link.

It's rather like denying the existence of racism and bigotry,
or loyalty.

Is our new Chief of Police
really that clueless,

or just that dishonest?

photo Mark Bralley

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Anonymous said...

have 3 questions for the "Esteemed" Chief of Police:
1)Has your office performed the proper protocol in working with, and notifying, CYFD about Coach Torres reported criminal complaint of Child abuse on April 9th at JCMS?
2)If CYFD has not been properly notified (which I have to assume they have not, since Torres retained his full employment minus 1 day), do you intend to report Torres now, and report the Principal of JCMS's possible violations for possibly not reported the abuse to CYFD?
3) If the JCMS principal fulfilled all her duties as a principal in reporting to CYFD, but APS witheld the information to the public and CYFD, and/or APD, do you intend to pursue Superintendent Winston Brookes for Child abuse and/or neglect and/or obstruction of justice and/or neglect of his duties?
How would you you feel if this had happened to your kids???