Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The best reason for opposing any tax hikes at all;

the number of tax dollars wasted or stolen, link.

Most people, I assume, would support taxes that actually do
some good, individually or collectively.

But how does one support those and that which really need
support, without as the same time funding waste and corruption?

The short answer is, one can't.
And that is why even worthwhile taxes are mightily resisted.

we need to end the culture of corruption and incompetence.

Clearly, it cannot be ended by those who will not even admit
that it exists; people like Candidate Diane Denish.

Scour her website, link. I defy you to find anywhere on her site,
any admission at all, of the existence of the culture of corruption
and incompetence in state government.

It would appear her intention is not to derail the gravy train,
but rather, just a change of engineer and riders.

Unacceptable; without qualification, exception or condition,
clearly, patently, categorically, absolutely unacceptable.

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