Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Esquivel resents personal attacks.

In a recent letter to me,
APS School Board President
Marty Esquivel
wrote that
I have "unfairly questioned
his integrity".

I will let readers be the judge.

The leadership of the APS, Esquivel being foremost, refuses to discuss executive and administrative role modeling of the student standards of conduct, in public, openly and honestly.

I have argued there are only two reasons that explain their ongoing refusal;

  1. a lack of personal courage and/or
  2. a lack of character.

Neither Esquivel, nor anyone else in the leadership of the APS has been able to offer any alternative explanation. In short, because there really is none.

Two weeks ago, Esquivel was asked to tell the truth about who it was that ordered my arrest at the last public forum, link.

He offered one response which did not address the question
at all. Now he is ignoring the question entirely.

That refusal, to step up and admit the truth and then accept
the consequences, speaks to his (lack of) integrity
far more loudly than I ever have.

"All wounds to honor are self inflicted." Andrew Carnegie

"A man is not dishonored, except by himself." unk

photo Mark Bralley

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