Wednesday, November 04, 2009

UNM "hiding" public records of Locksley dust up.

There is more coverage this morning in the Journal, surrounding UNM Head Football Coach Michael Locksley's "alleged" "assault and battery" on an assistant coach.

I can't establish a link to a telling side bar. It has to do with written witness statements that contradict the story that UNM has been telling. It reads;

These (witness) statements, made public by the University of New Mexico, contain some missing passages, and parts at the bottom of each page are faded and difficult (impossible) to read. The Journal was promised clean copies Tuesday, but university staff later said they were unable to get the original documents in order to provide clean copies.
This is typical public record surrender. I have seen it from the leadership of the APS on a regular basis.
  1. You make a request for a public record.
  2. The record is retrieved and a xerox copy is made.
  3. The original is "lost", and a copy is made of the copy,
  4. the first copy is then "lost".
  5. The copy of a copy continues until the copy is illegible.
  6. That copy is then finally surrendered, according to "the law".
If you want to do anything about it, you have to sue. Their lawyers are free to them, taxpayers foot the bill. Your lawyer will be anything but. The process will drag out until the surrender no longer poses a threat to the good ol' boys.

It is wrong. It is bullshit.

They are going to get away with it because they really are not
honestly accountable to any standards of conduct at all,
not even the law.

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Anonymous said...

I have attended many colleges and universities, for various purposes.
UNM is the most non-student focused institution I've ever had to deal with.
They don't care about student concerns/complaints, they don't correct errors unless you really get forceful, no one is in a hurry to do their job assisting with students, and they can be spiteful if you push for an answer, or a student service that they are responsible for.
Many times in admissions, financial aid office, SUB administration, I find this almost arrogant resistance to be of service to the students.
I guess turds do float to the top, from what I read here.