Wednesday, November 18, 2009

No worries; there will be an "internal investigation".

The Public Regulation Commission, might turn out to be the most corrupt and incompetent agency in state government.

Never the less, PRC Chairman Sandy Jones intends to get out "in front of the problem" by means of an "internal investigation".

Heads will roll; trust him.

You have no choice but to trust him, because the results of their
little "internal investigation" will be kept secret.

They will claim they have to do with "personnel issues" and
are therefore excepted from public records law.

If this has a familiar ring to it, think of Locksley Gate.

Or think about the "internal investigation" that followed the
Meyners Audit revelations about APS' Finance Division;

  • inadequate policies, and
  • inadequate accountability, and
  • inadequate record keeping.
They did their own" internal investigation" and will not answer
questions about any criminal misconduct they might have found.

They did an "internal investigation" of felony criminal misconduct
by APS senior administrators, link, three years ago. He records
are still secret because they are still "investigating", long after
statutes of limitation have expired.

The N.M. Educational Retirement Board investigated internally.
The State Investment Council investigated internally.
We're out millions and the whole truth is still hidden.

And now. the PRC will investigate itself.

And this is alright with everybody?

Only bad can come from allowing the people who negligently
allowed and/or knowingly permitted corruption and incompetence, to conduct "internal investigations" of the corruption and incompetence they enabled.

It is rather like allowing a bank robber to investigate the robbery.

The number of banks being robbed increases exponentially.

It is at times like these, I find myself wondering wtf?


Anonymous said...

Any news on Danny Moon et al. I remember them being indicted, but never heard if they went to trial.

ched macquigg said...

Trial by jury, February 8th, 2010