Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ink hardly dry; Schultz' character in question.

The ink is barely dry on the paperwork Mayor-elect Richard Berry signed making Ray Schultz his Chief of Police.

Yet today, the Journal reports, link, on disturbing admissions by Schultz relative to a lawsuit being litigated in US District Court.

Stemming from the BCSO arrest of one of the Unsers, APD Officer Sam Costales testified against the sheriff's deputies who made the arrest. His lawsuit is over the retaliation he suffered for breaking the "blue wall of silence"; the very existence of which, Schultz apparently denied. According to the Journal report

The phrase "blue wall of silence" refers to a monolithic showing of solidarity by police officers that is at the heart of Costales' case and the very existence of which is disputed by Schultz and Lt. Brian Carr. (emphasis added)
How can anyone deny the existence of the "blue wall of silence".

The Journal reports that a previous Journal story related that Schultz was
"launching an investigation into whether Costales violated
department policy by failing to report perceived misconduct
of other officers through his chain of command."

Grilled by Costales' attorney Randi McGinn, Schultz
acknowledged that his comments to the reporter
were made before he had looked into the matter.

Schultz said that, even after he learned Costales had told
Carr, his lieutenant, right after Unser's arrest that
"it didn't have to happen that way," he had not made
efforts to set the record straight.

(emphasis added)

Now if you were an APD cop, how would you feel about being hung out to dry for telling the truth about the misconduct of other officers.

It would appear that a lot of what is written about the Chief on the backside of the Eye on Albuquerque may be based in fact.

It is a shame if Berry didn't talk to any of the rank and file, before deciding to keep Schultz on as Chief.

photo Mark Bralley

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Vecinos United said...

Thank god some can see through the Baloney that goes on at City Hall, however the selection of Darren White as Public Safety Director (Has yet to be confirmed by City Coiuncil),is just as evil a decision as keeping Schultz as police Chief. Will City Council Permit this clear attempt to ignore Human & Civil Rights.