Friday, November 13, 2009

Doing the math on missing records in Locksley Gate.

From the editorial in the Journal this morning, link.

A new piece of evidence has turned up in the Locksley Gate investigation.

The "new" evidence points to a pattern of (implied) violence in the relationship between UNM Head Football Coach Michael Locksley and his Assistant Coach JP Gerald.

(UNM Regents President) Sanchez, meanwhile, says no new information has surfaced to warrant an outside probe — that despite the emergence of new notes from an interview with an assistant coach who said Locksley had threatened Gerald with physical violence in an earlier incident and that players felt responsible for Gerald being mistreated.

"The new information turned up around 5 p.m. Friday after UNM officials said they had inadvertently failed to turn over the back side of one of the witness accounts. They blamed it on a copying error."

Do the math;
"The new information turned up around 5 p.m. Friday ..."
A coincidence as unlikely as it is convenient; the evidence turned up at 5 pm on a Friday; a time and day widely recognized as the single best time to make bad news available to the press.

The "just found" document is the one they would most want to hide; proving not only a previous record of (implied) violence, but also that students had been folded into the scandal.

The missing evidence was on the back side of a sheet of paper that Schmidly, Krebs, and Gonzales, claim was destroyed long since. How could they now be able to surrender a copy of an "inadvertently not copied" sheet of paper that they claim doesn't exist? Or did Shannon Garbiso make back to back copies of her notes? this one backside somehow separated from the stack and remaining conveniently undiscovered by everyone until 5 pm last Friday?

This whole thing stinks to high heaven.

It is well past time to begin the independent fact finding that reports to the public record.

It is well past time to tell the truth.

It is well past time to hold Raymond Sanchez, David Schmidly, Paul Krebs, Helen Gonzales, and Michael Locksley, honestly accountable for their conduct and for their competence, even if they are good ol' boys.

... especially if they are good ol' boys.

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