Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So far behind, they're actually far out ahead.

The 39th most corrupt state government in the United States, link, has a poster child agency; the Public Regulation Commission.

A recent survey of PRC employees revealed an agency in big trouble, Terrel, link and link, and Nash, link, are way ahead in the coverage.

Employees paint the agency as a roosting place for a bunch of "incompetent political flunkies". The most damning statistic is the number of employees who believe that they cannot even report unethical behavior without becoming victims of retribution and retaliation.

Public Regulation Commission Chairman, Sandy Jones, reports, KOB TV link, that the surveys are the "starting point" to turn things around. He goes on to say, he wants to be on the "front end" of the problem not the tail end.

News flash Sparky, is too late to get on the front end of this scandal.

Jones promises an "internal investigation".

Should anyone be delusional enough to suppose that this means "heads will roll" as the mess gets cleaned up, I would remind them that the parts of the survey that named the names of the corrupt and the incompetent are still blacked out.

Stakeholder interests would be protected by an independent review; an investigation by an impartial third party who will go in and do a formal investigation, and then report the findings to the public record.

But, as we all know, there will be no independent review.

The good ol' boys at the UNM have just proved that they can
and will ignore any calls for any independent fact finding of
their individual character and competence.

It's just not the way they roll.

APS School Board heavy hitter, Paula Maes
called a spade a bloody shovel, wikilink, when she boasted
in a public meeting and on the record;

I will never agree to any audit that individually identifies
any corrupt or incompetent good ol' boys in the leadership of the APS.
None of them will. Ever.

And there you have it, in a nutshell.
We didn't get to "39th most corrupt" by accident.

We will never rise in that ranking for as long as the people who
get to decide whether there will be independent reviews are the
ones with the most to lose, if the reviews ever get done.


michelle meaders said...

Isn't that the "Public Regulation Commission", as you called it later?

ched macquigg said...

You are absolutely right. Thank you for drawing my attention to the error.