Sunday, November 08, 2009

Why must we trust politicians and public servants to protect our resources?

Casino owners rarely are victims of theft.

It isn't because they hire trustworthy employees.

They simply design the system so even the most untrustworthy
employee can't steal their money.

They make it impossibly difficult to steal their money
without being caught.

It is not impossible for politicians and public servants to steal
tax dollars. Apparently, it isn't even hard.

It looks like all you have to do is grab a handful of blank checks,
and make them out to your self, link.

If you ask Senate Majority Leader
Micheal Sanchez
if he will provide
casino security for tax dollars,
he will get all pissy with you
for impugning his integrity;

and then he will tell you no.

He will say it is unnecessary because
you can "trust" him.

Not good enough. Not even close.

When it comes to protecting tax dollars from waste through
corruption and incompetence, "trusting" politicians and public
servants runs a distant second to "casino security",

a far, far distant second.

In God we trust;
in politicians and public servants,
not so much.

If you ask Governor "Big Bill" Richardson if he has given cushy government jobs to cronies and contributors, I'm sure he will tell you, "No, trust me."

Now honestly and truly,
wouldn't you like to hear that
from a least one other person,

someone you really could trust?

photos Mark Bralley


Anonymous said...

Well what makes it where anybody should trust you? All you ever come off as is a true nut job.

ched macquigg said...

I have never asked for your trust.
I have never asked you to believe anything. I have asked you to look at public records in front of your face.

Thank you for your ad hominem attack and that validation it provides my argument.

Anonymous said...

Though I do trust you Ched, having met you personally, and following your lines of reason for about 2 years....but as you said this is not about trusting you, or liking you, or seeking to find an agenda.
Almost all the points, commentary, observations you make are based on sound human reasoning. It doesn't "reek" of political affiliation, and you have no monetary gain to get from all this work you do on the blog and going to board meetings.
Human reasoning suggests that you want to see wrongs writed, and you want what all Americans should want: their public servants to do their jobs legitimately.
To all the "nutjobs" out there who are true Americans, and just want what the spirit of the US Constitution entails, I salute you...for I suppose by that definition, I am a "nutjob" too.
NUTJOBS unite and be proud!