Friday, November 13, 2009

Locksley, Schmidly, Krebs, and Gonzales "got to the result that they were looking for."

Everyday, I watch the furor over the Locksley Gate subside.
My fear is, like every other "gate", UNM leadership will simply
wait out the upset until no one cares anymore and then,
back to business as usual.

The Journal editors this morning, link, note;

(Schmidly and Krebs) seem to think silence will make it go away. Not likely.
The first point is on point, the second remains to be seen.

Good ol' boy logic is, everyday you don't lose, you win.
And the good ol' boys are winning; their silence likely will
make it go away. It has always worked before.

At the very least, it is unbelievably optimistic to suppose
it might play out differently this time.

The good ol' boys haven't lost. They will not lose until the
moment they knuckle under and begin an independent review
of their handling of the investigation of the "alleged" assault
by their Head Football Coach Micheal Locksley on a subordinate employee.

They will fight the first ever independent review of good ol' boy competence and character, tooth and nail.

There is no reason at all, to not begin the independent review,
one that reports to the public record, immediately, except to
protect the corrupt and the incompetent.

The reputation of the leadership of the UNM is in the toilet
according to any reasonable measure. That reputation, the
part where the community believes there is a cover-up afoot,
would be rehabilitated completely if the independent review
reveals what UNM President Schmidly has promised it would;
no cover-up.

If I were Schmidly, and I were telling the truth when I made
that promise, I would be fighting for the review that would
validate my claim.

It's fair to ask then, why is he obstructing the investigation
he would have us believe would clear his name,

except that it would not?

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