Tuesday, November 10, 2009

No blood, no foul?

In June of this year, it was revealed that Diane Denish had taken campaign contributions from two of the four men indicted in the Housing Authority scandals.

She decided to give the money to charity, link, according to her policy to not keep donations from contributors after they have been actually indicted for felony criminal misconduct.

Now it is revealed that more public money has been misspent, link.

She intends to "reimburse her government office." Actually, taxpayers.

Which begs at least two questions;

  1. can mistakes be so small as to be inconsequential, and,
  2. how many mistakes does one get to make, before
    the mistakes start counting, even if you give the money
    away, or pay it back when you get caught?
They are fair questions and should be answered before
too many more mistakes come to light, to be "undone"
by giving the money back.

Scarantino builds a case for zero tolerance in situations such
as these, link.

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