Sunday, November 08, 2009

UNM Pres David Schmidly, "still thinkin'"

UNM President David Schmidly
when asked if there would be an independent, impartial stem to stern investigation of the the Locksley affair said, no decision has been made.

He implied that, they had actually been considering whether to do the redeeming investigation.

When asked to go ahead and make the decision Wednesday, at the news conference, he declined.

Schmidly doesn't have to actually say no. He has the luxury of
saying nothing at all. Saying nothing means no investigation, but
will protect him from the criticism he will face if he is candid,
forthright and honest about his real intention.

The decision could not be more simple.

The financial considerations are infinitesimal.

The opportunity to rehabilitate the University's severely tarnished reputation is huge.

There really is no downside.

Unless they really have not told the truth, the whole truth and,
nothing but the truth.

In which case, the downside will be considerable.

For a time, I was alone in calling for the independent investigation. Two days after I asked, Journal sports reporter Rich Wright joined me in calling for the investigation to begin, link. And now the editors have jumped aboard as well, link. They wrote;

"(UNM) needs to pay for an independent examination of both the incident involving the coaches and the subsequent investigation(s). The university needs to commit in advance to give the investigator carte blanche, full access to all witnesses and to everything already compiled from both investigations. And it needs to commit in advance to make the findings public.
There really is no one at all standing against the investigation except, those with something to lose if the investigation is ever under taken.

And they are not really "standing" against it.
They are in hiding, "hunkering down in their foxhole",
waiting for the storm to blow over. And then, as Schmidly
indicated, they will just "move along".

Expect that neither Schmidly, Krebs, nor Gonzales will
show up in any venue where they can be asked about the decision they will not make.

It's just not the way they roll.

photo Mark Bralley

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