Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Complicit, complacent, or just too damned scared?

When ever anyone suggests that Diane Denish should have stood up against the culture of corruption, there are those whose immediate retort is always the same; Denish gets a bye because she was legitimately afraid of Big Bill.

gofdisks is the latest, here from a thread on Democracy for New Mexico, link.

That is because Richardson would have destroyed her vindictively and she would not be running for office now.
Everyone was/is afraid of El Jefe for very good reason. That is how politics is done in Mexico and strong man politics was what the New Mexican people wanted and understood. It works during prosperous times and there is plenty of favors to hand out. It does get things done and no doubt, some good things got done for the state by a man of action. It worked great for our state and we did have a good run. The time was right for a leader like our Governor and now it is time to pay the piper.
I have a problem with a bye born of fear.

The greater the danger, the greater the courage it takes to step up to it. That courage separates the leaders from the pack.

Confucius argued,
to know the right thing and not do it, is cowardice.
Those who point to the pressure Denish was under,
and use it as an excuse for not stepping up, are pointing to
manifest cowardice.

This is not what we need in a Governor.

Who's to say she isn't going bow under the weight of Speaker of the House Ben Lujan?

Has she voiced any opposition to moving a highway interchange closer to his land, link?

The best indicator of future performance is past practice.

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