Sunday, November 08, 2009

Did UNM AD Paul Krebs know that Shannon Garbiso is a student?

The only thing that UNM brass admitted about Shannon Garbiso, Dept Human Resources Rep: Athletics Admin,
while they were throwing her under the bus at their latest
news conference was, she is not a "trained investigator".

Well, that's not the half of it.

According to UNM's website, link, the principle investigator of the
Locksley affair for almost two weeks, is a UNM sophomore.

Did UNM HR VP Helen Gonzales know Garbiso is a student?
If she did, was she being disingenuous in admitting that she's
"not a trained investigator". Should Gonzales have been more
candid, forthright and honest, and continued to admit that,
is not only not a "trained investigator", she apparently
is not trained in Human Relations, UNM Policies, or in the
law surrounding the destruction of Public Records.

And why would anyone think that she would be; she's just a kid.

Did UNM AD Krebs know that when he put a student in charge of the investigation? Is that why he put her in charge of the investigation?

Just two of a number of questions that would be answered if and when, an impartial independent investigation is ever undertaken.

But, don't hold your breath.


Anonymous said...

Krebs and Gonzalez and Schmidley are high-paid knuckle heads.
I don't think putting a student in charge of an investigation is on purpose. Even they can't be that stupid.
A half-witted crook would have at least put a minimum wage flunky on the trail, then blame it on incompetence.
What a bunch of rubes!

Anonymous said...

You have your fact wrong - Shannon Garbiso is passing herself off as the an HR Director for Athletics and as far as her being a student, i would you suggest you check her class schedule.

ched macquigg said...

Both of my "facts" come from searching the link provided in the post. That search reveals she is a sophomore and her HR title.

If the UNM website is yielding false information, it is they who will need to search her class schedule.

Anonymous said...

Shannon Garbiso is a not an innocent "student" she passes herself off as as the athletic's hr director and is far from knowledgeable in matter of hr. be assured she knew exactly what she was doing to make herself look important -